Free Tip Calculator – How much should you tip?

Using a free tip calculator Tipping is an activity you’re probably familiar with—from servers to valets to movers—there are pretty much endless scenarios where you might feel compelled to leave a tip. In the United States and many other cultures, tipping makes up a huge part of the interaction with service workers. Many tipped positions…

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Tip Pooling Calculator – Free Calculator for Businesses

We can all agree on one thing – as a business with tipped employees, it can often be confusing to keep up with your tips. From dividing up tips by which employees were working, how many hours were worked, and based on points allocated for different positions, calculating tip earnings requires a thoughtful and organized…

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Housekeeper Photo

Tipping a Housekeeper: When, Who and How Much Should You Tip

It’s often said that hospitality industry jobs are some of the most underrated in our society. Though they require a lot of work and dedication, they are also often jobs that are done when nobody else is around. This leads consumers to take them for granted and not think of them as often when deciding…

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Valet Photo

Tipping a Valet: When, Who and How Much Should You Tip

Have you ever found yourself impatiently waiting for your car to be returned to you after a fancy date or work outing? Maybe the restaurant entry way is crowded and it’s a bit too cold to comfortably wait after the valet jogs off with your keys.  It is important to keep in mind that we…

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