Tip collections & instant tip payouts for your restaurant

Say goodbye to bank-runs and payout your team's tips in 30 seconds or less.

Save time and improve team happiness with fast, frequent and secure payments.

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Real impact you’ll appreciate

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Payouts to existing bank accounts

Send tips directly to your team's debit accounts so they can access their tips when & where they need it (at no additional fee).

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Make on-demand and instant payouts

Improve team happiness with instant and on-demand payouts at a frequency that suits your business needs.

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Secure and transparent reporting

Payments are managed with enterprise-level security with in-depth reporting available. Never lose track of another payment again!

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No more bank runs or spreadsheets

Save time and money by removing the need for bank-runs and spreadsheets thanks to our dashboard and range of POS integrations.

Benefits managers love


a month in savings

No more cash deliveries or bank-runs.


increase in staff retention

Estimated savings of $36k a year per location!

~5 hours

saved per week

With automatic tip calculations, allocations, & disbursements.

Features for restaurant teams

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Team tips are safe & secure with eTip

No more worrying about misplacing physical cash tips. Tips are securely transferred to team members.

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Save time and remove the headache of cash tips

There's no legwork required for your team to receive their tips. Payments are paid directly to their existing bank accounts.

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Improve team financial wellness

Removing delays between tip payouts allows your team to manage their money with ease, planning ahead.

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Full tip transparency and reporting

Team members get full visibility to their tips earned, allowing easy reporting.

Trusted by the industry's leading brands

Why restaurant's love eTip

Fully Configurable Icon

Fully configurable

Choose the features tailored to your business, with embedded experiences that resonate with your guests.

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Implement in hours

Our dedicated customer success team do all the heavy lifting, working hand-in-hand with your business to get you started.

Enterprise Grade Icon

Enterprise grade

Whether it's payroll integrations you're looking for or enterprise grade security & compliance - we deliver both and more.

Digital tip jars for your restaurant

You can setup pooled or individual tip jars to suit your teams.
Display your QR codes at your counters, on each table after service or even with deliveries.

Tipping Use Cases - Restaurant Menus

At your order counters

Tipping Use Cases - Restaurant Counters

On each of your tables

Use Case - Restaurant - Getting take-out

Added to your deliveries

Payroll & HR integrations

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Major Payroll Integrations Icon

Major payroll integrations

Custom integrations available with all major payroll platforms.*

Export All Data Icon

Export all platform data

You can export all data such as reviews, tips and cash-outs as .csv, .xlsx and .pdf formats.

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From small businesses to enterprises, eTip is committed to your business needs.

Questions: Cashless tipping for restaurants

eTip allows your staff to receive cashless tips from your guests. Guests can simply scan the QR code associated with your staff to tip, rate and review their service.

Please contact our sales team to provide you customized pricing for your business.

Please contact our sales team to get you immediately set up with eTip.

We have other properties that display the QR code beside the bed. Having said that, our QR codes are highly customizable to accommodate different use cases, such as the concierge handing out their business card with the QR code.

Make tip payouts fast, simple and easy.
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