App-less, cashless & contact-free tipping for

Empower, retain and engage your team and guests with cashless tipping technology that removes the complexity of tipping.


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Management benefits

Collect ratings & reviews

Collect ratings & reviews

Real time insight into guest satisfaction.

Automatic distribution

Automatic distribution

Remove the friction associated with tip distribution and splitting.

Payroll & tax compliance

Pooled & individual tip collections

No matter if your teams are tipped directly or pooled, our solution solves both.

Increase staff retention-01

Increase staff retention

Create opportunity for your team to financially thrive

Gauge staff performance-01

Gauge staff performance

Use guest feedback to create a better experience for all

Engage and delight guests-01

Engage and delight guests

Financially motivate your team to satisfy your valued guests

Employee benefits

Increased earnings

Increased earnings

Opportunity to increase earning potential with a digital and cashless tip option for your guests.

More tipping opportunities

More tipping opportunities

Cashless tipping is accessible to all of your teams and departments.

Improve financial wellness-01

Improve financial wellness

Create a happier workplace & set your team up for long term financial success.

Guest benefits

No app to download

No app required

Tip without the need to download or register on an app.

Cashless & contact-free tipping

Cashless & contact-free tipping

No cash needed to tip, and contact-free tipping protects guests and your employees.

Safe & secure payments

Safe & secure payments

Financial security protocols are built in and all major payment methods are accepted (e.g. Credit/Debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay & more).

Featured client success stories

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"We contacted several providers and learned very quickly that was superior to the others. Their service was top notch and the technology far out weighed the others. We have had a great experience across the board at all 13 hotels that we have implemented at. Highly recommend."

Jessica Neville

VP of Operations

"A great product with an easy set up process. Our team members call it their "side hustle" obtaining tips. It has been great seeing the housekeepers become more engaged with our hotel guests. It has been enlightening to them to understand that good customer interaction can lead to more tips."

Alan Harrdway

VP of Operations

Attract, retain and motivate your team.
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