Cashless contributions for your non-profit

Start receiving touch-free contributions for your non-profit, directly to your virtual tip jar.

Tipping Use Cases - Non-Profit Tipping App

Digital tip jars for all scenarios

We offer both individual & pooled tipping solutions for non-profit's needs.

Tipping Use Cases - Window Posters

Printed on flyers & posters

Tipping Use Cases - Event Table Stands

Displayed at event stands

Tipping Use Cases - Social Media & Websites

Shared on your social media

Customized pricing for your non-profit

From small non-profits to enterprises, eTip is committed to supporting your needs.

Questions: Cashless tipping for non-profits

eTip allows your staff to receive cashless tips from your guests. Guests can simply scan the QR code associated with your staff to tip, rate and review their service.

Please contact our sales team to provide you customized pricing for your business.

Please contact our sales team to get you immediately set up with eTip.

We have other properties that display the QR code beside the bed. Having said that, our QR codes are highly customizable to accommodate different use cases, such as the concierge handing out their business card with the QR code.