Touch-free tipping for valet businesses

Enable cashless tipping for your valet team and earn tips from customers while the team is hard at work.

Tipping Use Cases - Valet Tipping App

Why choose eTip?

No App Required Icon

No app required

Guests don't need to download yet another app on their phone. eTip opens directly in their phone's browser.

Contact & Cash Free Icon

Contact & cash free

Keep your guests & teams safe. With touch-free tipping, your team can receive tips even when they're not in the room.

Increased Payment Options Icon

Increased payment options

Your guests can tip you with their preferred payment options, be it Debit / Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay & more.

Locaion & Shift Management Icon

Location & shift management

Create a virtual tip jar for different locations and custom shifts. Ensure your team get correct pay-outs by assigning them to a shift.

No App Required Icon

Automatic tip distribution

Prefer to leave tip splitting to us? No problem, eTip's automatic tip distribution ensures your team are tipped for the hours they work.

Improve Employee Morale Icon

Improve employee morale

By making it easy for guests to tip, your team can rest assured that they'll have every opportunity to get tipped.

Ratings & review management

Monitor Customer Satisfaction Icon

Monitor customer satisfaction

Real time insight into guest satisfaction and employee performance.

Thank You Message Icon

Guest appreciation

Say a little thanks - send custom messages to your customers for their rating, review and generosity.*

External Review Integration Icon

External review integration

We provide a wide range of custom external integrations.*

Ratings & Review Management Illustration Alternative

Payroll & HR integrations

Payroll & HR Integration Illustration Alternative
Major Payroll Integrations Icon

Major payroll integrations

Custom integrations available with all major payroll platforms.*

Export All Data Icon

Export all platform data

You can export all data such as reviews, tips and cash-outs as .csv, .xlsx and .pdf formats.

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From small businesses to enterprises, eTip is committed to your business needs.

Tax reporting & compliance

Tax Forms Icon

1099-K & Form 4070 issuing

Both forms are available for download when preparing for tax reporting.*

Tip Tracking Icon

Tip tracking for compliance

Generate and download your employee's tip report to comply with Federal & State guidelines.

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Digital tip jars for your valet locations

You can setup pooled or individual tip jars to suit your teams.
Display them on your valet stand, or even on business cards.

Tipping Use Cases - Business Cards

Printed on business cards

Use Case - Valet - At the stand

At your valet stands

Tipping Use Cases - Social Media & Websites

Shared by SMS & email

Customized pricing for your valet business

From small valet businesses to enterprises, eTip is committed to supporting your needs.

Questions: Cashless tipping for valet businesses

eTip allows your staff to receive cashless tips from your guests. Guests can simply scan the QR code associated with your staff to tip, rate and review their service.

Please contact our sales team to provide you customized pricing for your business.

Please contact our sales team to get you immediately set up with eTip.

We have other properties that display the QR code beside the bed. Having said that, our QR codes are highly customizable to accommodate different use cases, such as the concierge handing out their business card with the QR code.