Confused by Cashless Tipping Here’s How it Works Featured Image

Confused by Cashless Tipping? Here’s How it Works

Cashless spending is on the rise, especially in a post-pandemic world. Businesses of every kind are adjusting to the growth of digital payments, especially around tips. How can hotel managers implement seamless, cashless tipping solutions into the day-to-day life of their business? Let’s break down the three simple steps of how eTip’s platform works. You’ll…

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Strange Things Hotel Workers Have Seen Featured Image

Strange Things Hotel Workers Have Seen (and Why We Should Be Tipping Them Well)

Here at eTip, we know how much hospitality staffers put up with every day. From the strange to the silly, they’ve seen it all! Courtesy of Reddit, here are some of the best stories shared straight from hotel workers themselves: “This one lady came into the lobby around 11pm [and] asked for the workout room…

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How to Tip Service Workers Featured Image

With Contactless Service on the Rise, How Should You Tip Hotel Workers?

As COVID-19 spread, many hotels instituted new contactless measures of check-in, intense deep-cleaning methods, and other hygienic implementations to assure guests’ safety and reduce physical interaction without losing that personal, human touch that sets hospitality apart. Yet these new touchless practices are by no means exclusive to a pandemic year.  Contactless service is set to be the…

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Millenial Tipping Banner

The Potential of Millennials’ Hotel Tipping Power

Tipping is a tricky practice, especially at hotels. Guests might be unsure about proper tipping etiquette, feel they can’t afford to tip, or simply forget that service behind the scenes is what makes their trip so great. As guests start to come back to hotels after COVID-19, there’s one group of people in particular that will…

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