Strange Things Hotel Workers Have Seen (and Why We Should Be Tipping Them Well)

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Here at eTip, we know how much hospitality staffers put up with every day. From the strange to the silly, they’ve seen it all! Courtesy of Reddit, here are some of the best stories shared straight from hotel workers themselves:

  • “This one lady came into the lobby around 11pm [and] asked for the workout room so I opened it back up for her figuring she was one of those 24hr workout people. I went back in around 3am to close it up again, and she had set up a bed for herself on the treadmill. [I] ended up giving her our last room after she had a fight with her husband and was refusing to sleep with him.” (user: greenmouse19)
  • “[I] had a guest come down at 4am telling me when he woke up to put his glasses on, he noticed on the wall the words ‘I’m watching you’ written. I went with him to take a look and it seemed someone had written it with some invisible glow in the dark pen. He knew it was a joke but still wanted to switch rooms.” (user: Poutinegravy)
  • “We once had a couple check in at reception and they were given a park and display permit for their car. About 40 minutes later, the husband comes to reception complaining that he’s received a parking ticket and the permit he was given was obviously no good. We couldn’t understand why, there was no way the permit wasn’t valid. We asked, did he display it in the window as we had told him to do? He said of course. He put it in the window as soon as got upstairs to the room. That’s when we realized he’d put it in the bedroom window and not the car window.” (user: spbslinky)
  • “Back in college, I worked as a night shift front desk worker. [I] kept getting calls several nights in a row about a noisy cat. Finally got enough calls that I told the manager about it. Turns out we had repaired the ceiling in that room and walled a kitty up in the ceiling. Had to tear out part of it to get it out. That was one very happy, hungry cat.” (user: pinktoady)

Hotel workers deal with a lot, and they do it with patience and grace. Needless to say, they deserve to be tipped in an easy and seamless way. eTip’s cashless, app-less platform allows guests to easily tip service workers what they deserve, and for those workers to receive and use those tips as desired.

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