Confused by Cashless Tipping? Here’s How it Works

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Confused by Cashless Tipping Here’s How it Works Featured Image

Cashless spending is on the rise, especially in a post-pandemic world. Businesses of every kind are adjusting to the growth of digital payments, especially around tips. How can hotel managers implement seamless, cashless tipping solutions into the day-to-day life of their business? Let’s break down the three simple steps of how eTip’s platform works. You’ll see just how easy it is to feel confident as a manager, make your employees happier, and modernize your hotel like never before.

1)    Log into the eTip dashboard. If your phone has internet, you have access! Create your unique eTip profile, whether as an employee or a business owner, by completing a few basic fields of information and verification.

2)    Put your QR code to use. Each of your employees or shift locations will receive a unique QR code when you register with eTip. Think of QR codes like bar codes: each unique arrangement of marks leads to a unique internet location. And since QR stands for Quick Response, one scan with a camera gets you where you need to go in just a few seconds. Display QR codes in accessible places such as the front lobby or printed out and laminated in each room so guests can easily see and scan them and leave their tips.

3)    Track your tips. Once a visitor scans a QR code, they’re led immediately to the designated eTip landing page. From there, step-by-step instructions will guide them to leave a digital tip for their housekeeper or staff member. From your manager’s landing page on eTip, you’re able to track the tips that each employee or shift location makes as well as any feedback or reviews from guests in-real time.

It’s really that simple! eTip is accessible and hassle-free with an app-free platform and the muscle of QR codes. Try us today!

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