4 Ways Hotels Can Use QR Codes to Create Seamless Experiences

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The best hotels create homes away from home, using the latest technology to create even smoother experiences for guests and employees alike. One of the top ways to do this, especially given the changes brought about by COVID-19, are QR codes for easy access to services, events, and more. Here are four ideas for GMs to consider:

 1.    Touchless check-in: An inefficient check-in process can immediately add a negative color to a guest’s stay. To streamline check-ins, hotel organizations could consider featuring a QR code on a tent card or flyer display stand at their front desk. Upon arrival, guests simply scan the code and are redirected to the hotel’s check-in page online.

 2.    Tipping service workers: To make sure that valets, concierges, housekeepers, and other hotel workers are compensated for their time and effort, properties can use QR codes to create “digital tip jars.” If guests don’t have cash on them (many don’t), they can still thank staff for a job well done by simply hovering the camera of their connected device over the QR code image. Platforms like eTip can create a seamless experience for GMs to get started with a digital tip system.

 3.    Restaurant and room service menus: Rather than printing a full- or multiple-page menu to include in every room, add a QR code to the welcome information in each room or even to the welcome screens of in-room TVs. By taking a picture or hovering their camera over the code, customers can be redirected to a web page for ordering food, making reservations, and more.

 4.    Events and recommendations: A hotel isn’t just a place to crash at night. It’s a hub for guests as they explore a new area. Whether it’s a trivia night at the hotel bar or a local restaurant to spotlight, QR codes can help hotels advertise the area’s best activities. Try using dynamic QR codes, which can be customized to direct to new landing pages without needing to change the code itself.

 Hospitality is all about creating the feeling of home. Touchless technology can help hotels provide that for their visitors. Platforms like eTip take this a step further, offering ease, convenience, and simplicity for guests to tip hard-working employees and for those employees to seamlessly receive those tips. As I’ve written before, hotels that use eTip.io see an increase of as much as 78% in tips for their workers.

 Learn more about eTip and the power of QR codes here.

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