Why Digital Tipping is Here to Stay Featured Image

Why Digital Tipping is Here to Stay

There are many things about 2020 that we won’t be sorry to leave in the rear-view mirror: social distancing, travel restrictions, etc. At the same time, the pandemic revealed some unique opportunities that many are interested in continuing – the ease and convenience of QR codes, for example. One thing that’s not going anywhere is digital…

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Guest Confidence No.1 Hotel Management Concern Featured Image

Guest Confidence Ranks No. 1 Concern Among Hotel Management Amid COVID-19

Hotel General Managers know that to keep guests coming back through their doors, they must prove their organization (associates, management, amenities, processes, and protocols) trustworthy. It is management’s most fundamental responsibility to see that they are keeping their guests’ experience top of mind. That makes the findings of a recent survey from HVS – in which “guest confidence”…

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Hiring Shortage Featured Image

The Hospitality Industry is Facing a Staffing Shortage. What Now?

There is no doubt that travel is on the rise from last year. “Google Flights” searches are up, TSA checkpoints are busier, and updated government guidelines are starting to allow for more movement across state and country borders. Yet hotels are facing the most severe shortage of staff in two decades as COVID-19 recedes. How…

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Inspire Your Hotel Staff Featured Image

Inspire Your Hotel Staff to Serve Guests from the Heart

Guests are bringing baggage as they start to trickle back through hotel doors, and not just the kind you pack your clothes in. The strain of travel logistics after so long at home, the ongoing fear of contracting COVID-19, the uncertainty of stepping outside comfort zones…it’s a lot for some guests to handle. At the…

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