Guest Confidence Ranks No. 1 Concern Among Hotel Management Amid COVID-19

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Guest Confidence No.1 Hotel Management Concern Featured Image

Hotel General Managers know that to keep guests coming back through their doors, they must prove their organization (associates, management, amenities, processes, and protocols) trustworthy. It is management’s most fundamental responsibility to see that they are keeping their guests’ experience top of mind. That makes the findings of a recent survey from HVS – in which “guest confidence” ranks as the top concern among hotel management amid COVID-19 (77%) – a bit troubling.

2021 is a new year, and the hotel and travel industries are slowly but surely starting to climb back to stability as more folks prepare to return to vacations, business travel, and other getaways. What should management be doing to ensure guests’ trust and loyalty in a new world?

Health and safety have always been important in hospitality, but they are now foremost in a post-COVID world of travel. Managers have a plethora of new responsibilities to prove that their hotel is performing required cleaning and security procedures to mitigate COVID-19 in hopes that they will convey trust to their guests in the usage of their space.

Housekeeping staff has also taken on new importance, despite unprecedented challenges to their roles. In the face of a labor shortage and increasingly difficult conditions, they remain key players in providing guests with comfortable, seamless stays. Management would be wise to give extra attention and energy to these staffers. As we all know, satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. This balance could not be more important following a devastating pandemic year.

But how can managers tell if their efforts are working and if guests are really happy?

Reviews are key, of course, but they often don’t land until after a guest has departed. Managers need in-the-moment clues about guests’ satisfaction with their stay and services provided, which directly correlates to their level of confidence and trust. One solution is eTip. Our cashless, app-less tipping platform allows management to see in real-time the tips their employees virtually receive. If tips are low or comments are negative, GMs can identify dissatisfaction on the spot and address the situation before the guest leaves for good. Real-time remedies can turn a negative into a positive, turning one-time visitors into confident, lifelong guests.

Learn more about the ways we help managers establish trust in both their customers and their employees. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

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