How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers Featured Image

Beyond Tipping: How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers

Tips don’t just help hotel workers make ends meet; they contribute to an overall culture of financial wellness. At eTip, we’re committed to a world that empowers all employees to easily manage their financial lives. Studies have shown that more than half of American adults are financially anxious, and more than two-thirds live paycheck to paycheck. We get it, especially…

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Increase Hotel Employee Earnings with Tips Featured Image

Increase Your Hotel Employees’ Earnings with Cashless Tipping

If happy employees do better work, then it stands to reason that well-paid employees are a good investment for hotels! Hospitality staff have made it clear they want a better work environment and steadier income than 2020 was able to provide (in one recent study, 33% of hotel workers said they won’t be returning to the…

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Why Digital Tipping is Here to Stay Featured Image

Why Digital Tipping is Here to Stay

There are many things about 2020 that we won’t be sorry to leave in the rear-view mirror: social distancing, travel restrictions, etc. At the same time, the pandemic revealed some unique opportunities that many are interested in continuing – the ease and convenience of QR codes, for example. One thing that’s not going anywhere is digital…

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Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster Featured Image

Cash Tips Are a Thing of the Past, So Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster?

What does your wallet look like these days? If it’s a physical billfold fully stocked with cash, you’d find yourself in the minority. If your “wallet” is more often just your smartphone, tucked into your purse or pocket with access to all your credit cards and digital payments, that would put you in the majority of people…

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