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What About Housekeeping?

The TSA is predicting travel to reach 2019 levels during the 2021 holiday season. Odds are many holiday travelers will be seeking hotel accommodations for their trip.  If you are among them, please take some time before you set out to think about tipping the hospitality workers who will make your stay more pleasurable. During…

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How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers Featured Image

Beyond Tipping: How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers

Tips don’t just help hotel workers make ends meet; they contribute to an overall culture of financial wellness. At eTip, we’re committed to a world that empowers all employees to easily manage their financial lives. Studies have shown that more than half of American adults are financially anxious, and more than two-thirds live paycheck to paycheck. We get it, especially…

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Making Managers Job Easier Featured Image

5 Ways eTip Makes the General Managers’ Jobs Easier

As a hotel General Manager, it’s your job to make sure guests are safe, comfortable, and satisfied with your services. You’re overseeing staff, minding operations, and going the extra mile to ensure your hotel experience is one guests will return to repeatedly. This all sounds pretty on paper, but it’s a hard job (if you know,…

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Inspire Your Hotel Staff to Serve Guests from the Heart

Guests are bringing baggage as they start to trickle back through hotel doors, and not just the kind you pack your clothes in. The strain of travel logistics after so long at home, the ongoing fear of contracting COVID-19, the uncertainty of stepping outside comfort zones…it’s a lot for some guests to handle. At the…

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