5 Ways eTip Makes the General Managers’ Jobs Easier

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As a hotel General Manager, it’s your job to make sure guests are safe, comfortable, and satisfied with your services. You’re overseeing staff, minding operations, and going the extra mile to ensure your hotel experience is one guests will return to repeatedly. This all sounds pretty on paper, but it’s a hard job (if you know, you know). At eTip, we’re here to help make management’s job easier.

Here are five reasons hotel General Managers love and use eTip, our cashless, app-less tipping platform:

●      Increased hiring and retention: Managers are struggling to hire and retain hourly workers in the wake of COVID-19 stimulus benefits. One way to reengage staff after hard times could be to offer “tip matching.” For every tip staff receives via eTip, GMs can offer a percentage bonus back to them. Staff will feel the impact of their work in multiples, keeping them happy and on board.

●      Automated tip splitting, distribution, and tax compliance: In days of old, GMs might have been responsible for manually splitting and distributing tips. This required keeping track of which employee worked where, manually processing taxes, and being mindful of thorny logistics. eTip handles all the distribution and compliance on tips, helping you focus your energies on your business.

●      Happier employees: With COVID-19 and an increasingly cashless society, employees in hotels were often unmotivated to perform; tips had decreased due to guests’ lack of cash, or lack of guests to serve. Services like eTip are proven to motivate staff, making it easy for them to provide personalized service and be recognized via the platform for exemplary work.

●      Happier guests: With tips made easy, digital, and available in real-time, GMs can more quickly identify when a guest is unhappy, address the person’s concern right away (before they leave the property), and offer remedies in the moment to change guest perception.

●      Minimal effort in sign-up and onboarding: We at eTip will do all the background work to get management started and involved, from creating employee profiles to printing and shipping the QR code. The sign-up and onboarding process is seamless and hassle-free, so you can stay focused on creating meaningful experiences for your guests and employees.

A day in the life of a hotel General Manager is no walk in the park. eTip is not only here as a resource for guests and staff, but as a resource for youCheck out our website to get started.

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