Game-changing technology at AAHOACON 2022

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If you’re in the hotel industry, you more than likely know about the AAHOA Convention and Trade Show (AAHOACON). This annual event is the nation’s largest exclusively for hotel owners, to the point where AAHOA members make up 60% of hotel owners in the U.S. Every year, the who’s who of the industry come together for networking, learning, and deal-making on the trade show floor, where industry leaders like eTip also exhibit their products and services. It’s a big deal, and we were excited to be back for this year’s highly anticipated event which took place April 12-15 in Baltimore. 

Thousands of hotel leaders and decision-makers walked the exhibition floor, and eTip saw a huge amount of foot traffic at its booth as we demoed our digital, cashless, app-less tipping solution. Our team never tires of seeing the reaction from hotel leaders when they learn about the game-changing benefits and differentiators of our platform: a seamless, browser-based user experience (no app required), flexible payment options, automatic tip distribution, sleek white labeling, and quick and easy setup. Employees enjoy increased earnings and improve their financial wellness with more tipping opportunities, and guests enjoy a contactless tipping method with safe and secure payments. There’s so much to love if we do say so ourselves. 

Check out what Sarah Dandashy, travel expert and hospitality extraordinaire, had to say about eTip at this year’s event:

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