Complete Review: Delivering for goPuff

Complete review: delivering for gopuff

What is goPuff?

GoPuff is a delivery system that provides a variety of different items including but not limited to snacks, cleaning supplies and electronics. It was founded in 2013 by Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola while they were attending Drexel University in Philadelphia. Seven years later, goPuff is doing very well offering service in over 500 cities with over 3,000 employees. GoPuff is different from other delivery platforms because it is not a courier service where surge pricing may occur or drivers have to drive around to pick up orders. Additionally, goPuff offers a more organized method of pickup and delivery. Delivering for goPuff is a great option for people who want a job on the side that is structured and minimum guaranteed earnings!

Page on goPuff app showing Home Essentials products
Example products on goPuff app

How do you make deliveries for goPuff?

In order to work as a courier for goPuff, you must have the following: 

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Vehicle insurance & registration
  • Smartphone
  • Willing & able to pass a pre-paid alcohol delivery training course when necessary

Delivering for goPuff is much more simple than with other delivery platforms.  You can click here to apply!

Once you have applied and been accepted, to begin making deliveries you will first need to schedule your shifts to work a week in advance. When your shift begins, go to the local goPuff  warehouse and wait for orders to come in.  Once orders are ready for delivery, pick up a few and head to the customers’ location. It’s as easy as that! No need for goPuff delivery drivers to drive around to different restaurants or grocery stores, all they have to do is grab the orders and go!

Picture of a goPuff warehouse
goPuff warehouse

How much do delivery drivers for goPuff get paid?

GoPuff pays its drivers using an hourly rate and this rate depending on the area drivers are delivering in. This hourly rate can range from $13 to $18 an hour. 

GoPuff’s basic pay model is as follows:

  • Base fee per delivery
  • Tips
  • Mileage compensation

Delivering drivers can also receive extra bonuses and incentives as well!

Example of a driver's weekly earnings over 4 weeks
Example of a driver’s weekly earnings

Delivering for goPuff

Advantages of driving for goPuff

Guaranteed pay

Because goPuff pays its drivers using an hourly wage, drivers are guaranteed earnings.

Single pickup location

Unlike other delivery services that offer pick ups from multiple restaurants and stores, goPuff has warehouses that drivers can go straight to and pick up orders.

Set your own schedule

When delivering for goPuff, drivers are able to schedule when they work the week prior and can schedule themselves on their own time.

Disadvantages of driving for goPuff

Lack of schedule flexibility

Although drivers are able to choose when they work, the hours worked are not as flexible.

Delivery distance 

Drivers only have to go to one location to pick up orders, but sometimes the warehouse can be up to 30 minutes away which can increase mileage. 

goPuff Delivery Driver Reviews

There are mixed reviews on delivering for goPuff that range from “Flexible shifts and great pay” to “Meh.” Based on over 250  reviews, Glassdoor has given “GoPuff Delivery Driver” 3.1 out of 5 stars. The most highly rated aspects of this delivery job include choosing your own schedule, the simplicity of the job itself and decent pay. However, the most common dislikes of the job include the unpredictability of business, schedule availability goes quickly and the wear and tear on one’s car.

Is it worth getting a job driving for GoPuff?

GoPuff is one of the delivery platforms out there that seems to have the most structure with a set schedule every week as well as one pickup location at their warehouse for products ordered. Ultimately, it is up to you, your schedule and financial desires when factoring in whether or not delivering for goPuff is for you. However, the simplicity of this job can be  highly appealing to those who are looking for a job where they can work on their own time and make some spending money!

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