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Inspire Your Hotel Staff to Serve Guests from the Heart

Guests are bringing baggage as they start to trickle back through hotel doors, and not just the kind you pack your clothes in. The strain of travel logistics after so long at home, the ongoing fear of contracting COVID-19, the uncertainty of stepping outside comfort zones…it’s a lot for some guests to handle. At the…

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How COVID Affected Workers Featured Image

How COVID-19 Has Affected Hotel Service Workers

The onset of COVID-19 changed the world nearly instantaneously, and the hospitality sector felt those effects immediately and harshly. Travel all but vanished for months, and even now with economies reopening, studies project that the industry may not return to pre-pandemic strength until 2023. Hotel service workers in particular have had an unprecedentedly difficult year….

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How We Incentivize Hotel Workers Banner Image

It’s Time to Raise the Bar for How We Incentivize Hotel Workers

Pristine rooms, personalized recommendations, seamless travel arrangements…it’s the dedication of hardworking hotel employees that create meaningful guest experiences. But how much are we showing these workers what they mean to us? The work these individuals do is to be commended and deeply appreciated, now more than ever given the pressures and stresses of COVID-19. For…

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Ways Hotels Can Use QR Codes Banner Image

4 Ways Hotels Can Use QR Codes to Create Seamless Experiences

The best hotels create homes away from home, using the latest technology to create even smoother experiences for guests and employees alike. One of the top ways to do this, especially given the changes brought about by COVID-19, are QR codes for easy access to services, events, and more. Here are four ideas for GMs…

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