Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster Featured Image

Cash Tips Are a Thing of the Past, So Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster?

What does your wallet look like these days? If it’s a physical billfold fully stocked with cash, you’d find yourself in the minority. If your “wallet” is more often just your smartphone, tucked into your purse or pocket with access to all your credit cards and digital payments, that would put you in the majority of people…

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Response to Hotels Labor Shortage Featured Image

Innovative Response to Hotel Industry’s Grim Labor Shortage

The hotel industry is grappling to find talent. Alice Hancock paints a grim picture in her recent Financial Times piece, Marriott warns of ‘fight for talent’ as hotels struggle to find staff. The article focuses on Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company and the struggle it faces daily — a tremendous staffing shortage. An issue impacting the hospitality industry…

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Guest Confidence No.1 Hotel Management Concern Featured Image

Guest Confidence Ranks No. 1 Concern Among Hotel Management Amid COVID-19

Hotel General Managers know that to keep guests coming back through their doors, they must prove their organization (associates, management, amenities, processes, and protocols) trustworthy. It is management’s most fundamental responsibility to see that they are keeping their guests’ experience top of mind. That makes the findings of a recent survey from HVS – in which “guest confidence”…

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Drastic Hotel Measures to Recruit Featured Image

Desperate to Hire, Hotels Are Taking Drastic Measures to Recruit and Retain

Hotels are currently in one of history’s worst hiring deficits, scrambling to recruit new hires for an anticipated influx of travel while retaining employees that stuck out the pandemic. The measures they’re taking to do so are going completely beyond anything we’ve ever seen in the industry. For some, with a hefty price tag.  Consider the Omni…

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