What Hotel Employees Say They Want Most Right Now from Their Employers

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Millions of hospitality workers have become casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it isn’t all sunshine for those who weren’t let go and/or those who have since been able to reenter the industry. These workers face increased hours, harder work, and less help to get it all done, and they have expressed clear wants and needs from management as they remain employed and get their jobs done. After digging into the research, here’s what we at eTip learned hotel service workers want most right now from their employers to stay loyal and satisfied:

 ●     Fair treatment: Almost half (47%) of hotel employees feel they were not treated fairly over the last year and a half. From furloughs to layoffs to a loss of resources, this was a group of workers that became seriously under protected. These workers are craving recognition and equal treatment from their managers.

 ●     Loyalty: 62% of employees said their loyalty is either neutral or non-existent, meaning they would change their employment given the opportunity. Keeping employees happy is not only good for them, but good for you when it comes to retainment and recruitment.

 ●     Top-down motivation: 57% of employees said they were disappointed or completely let down by their organization in terms of motivation and morale – a difficult thing to feel anytime, but especially considering the amount of work hotel employees had to do to keep operations running in a tough season. Without visible support from General Managers, the hardships of service work feel harder.

 ●     Training and support: 97% of employees agree they will need retraining to adapt to hotel operations post-pandemic, and 94% said they would like to retrain themselves if given the opportunity. General Managers, take note.

 ●     Stable pay: 56% of employees confirmed they experienced a recent reduction in their salary. While that might have been understandable amidst the uncertainty of COVID’s onset, such reductions in pay won’t fly much longer. Employees will be looking for financial help by way of salaries, bonuses, and tips.

 As the hotel industry tries to establish a new normal, remember what your employees have gone through to get you here. Also understand that to help them survive another difficult season ahead, they need to know they are heard and valued. eTip is a great place to start, offering a cashless, app-less platform that managers can deploy to ensure their employees get fairly tipped for their work.

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