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Now More Than Ever, We Should Be Tipping Hospitality Workers

To tip hospitality workers or not to tip, that’s the question. There’s nothing stopping someone from leaving a gratuity beside their bed, yet research shows about 70% of hotel guests end up not leaving a tip. At almost every other establishment we regularly patron there’s a line at the bottom of the receipt for adding a…

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Focus Less on Hotel Tip Etiquette and More on the Act of Giving

How much should you tip hotel workers during your stay? Are you tipping too much, not enough? Do you have to tip at all? A quick Google search will show there are varying takes on tip etiquette, but the rule of thumb is quite simple: tip what you can, when you can. After a turbulent…

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A Look at the State of Cashless Spending and Tipping

A September 2020 study of 12,000 people across 12 markets – Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mainland China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, the UK, and the US – found that two-thirds of global consumers expect their country to go fully cashless, with almost half expecting this to happen by 2030. This is a significant finding…

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Tipping a Housekeeper: When, Who and How Much Should You Tip

It’s often said that hospitality industry jobs are some of the most underrated in our society. Though they require a lot of work and dedication, they are also often jobs that are done when nobody else is around. This leads consumers to take them for granted and not think of them as often when deciding…

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