Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster Featured Image

Cash Tips Are a Thing of the Past, So Why Aren’t Hotels Modernizing Faster?

What does your wallet look like these days? If it’s a physical billfold fully stocked with cash, you’d find yourself in the minority. If your “wallet” is more often just your smartphone, tucked into your purse or pocket with access to all your credit cards and digital payments, that would put you in the majority of people…

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How much to tip valet drivers in 2021

Across America, most people are aware of the importance of tipping, which means that tipping correctly is considered customary and is accepted by individuals and businesses. Tipping poorly or incorrectly is often regarded as disrespectful to the person performing the provided service. To avoid tipping incorrectly, it is essential to be educated about proper tipping…

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vacation planning

Planning your next vacation? This is what you need to know.

After spending the last year in quarantine, we are all more than ready for our first vacation post-COVID lockdown. Thank goodness that mask mandates and the release of the COVID vaccine are happening. Indeed, it couldn’t have come at a better time as the weather is heating up, and we are all itching to soak…

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How Tech Can Save Tips Banner Image

How the Pandemic Changed Cash, and How Tech Can Save Tips

The pandemic turned hospitality on its head in 2020, bringing cleanliness, hygiene, and touchless technology to the forefront. It also accelerated the trend of digital payments in today’s steadily cashless world. Americans’ use of cash had been gradually declining before the pandemic with the rise of mobile wallets and other digital options. According to the…

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