supplemental income

10 ways you can earn supplemental income in 2021

For most people, an additional income stream is life-changing. It provides additional financial security for you and your family, allows for the ability and opportunity to travel, and can even provide the chance to pay off debt. Whether through investment accounts, freelance, or second job ideas, a supplemental income is a fantastic way to improve…

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Housekeeper Photo

How to ask for, and get a pay raise as a Housekeeper

People depend on you, whether it be for business trips or highly anticipated vacation time, and they expect the best conditions at their hotel.  As customers enter and exit their rooms, they smile at the fact they become magically cleaned by you!  However, even though  you have been consistently keeping customers happy, your base salary…

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Valet Photo

How to ask for, and get a pay raise as a Valet

As a valet, it’s your job to add the extra element of professionalism and convenience to a customer’s evening out. Working as a valet requires the ability to work quickly and with a personal touch. When you are able to bring these skills together, it creates a seamless experience for your guests. As a result,…

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Nail Technician Photo

How to ask for, and get a pay raise as a Nail Technician

Come rain or come shine, customers will want to get their nails done.  As your customers leave smiling, you move straight onto the next client, ready to deliver more expert nail services.  However, even though you may be building relationships and bringing in more regular customers, your base salary stays the same, why might this…

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