How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers Featured Image

Beyond Tipping: How eTip Enables Holistic Wellness for Hotel Workers

Tips don’t just help hotel workers make ends meet; they contribute to an overall culture of financial wellness. At eTip, we’re committed to a world that empowers all employees to easily manage their financial lives. Studies have shown that more than half of American adults are financially anxious, and more than two-thirds live paycheck to paycheck. We get it, especially…

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Increase Hotel Employee Earnings with Tips Featured Image

Increase Your Hotel Employees’ Earnings with Cashless Tipping

If happy employees do better work, then it stands to reason that well-paid employees are a good investment for hotels! Hospitality staff have made it clear they want a better work environment and steadier income than 2020 was able to provide (in one recent study, 33% of hotel workers said they won’t be returning to the…

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Concierge Photo

Complete Guide: How to earn more tips as a concierge

In an increasingly cashless world, many service workers are seeing their wages decrease. People oftentimes don’t carry cash on them, which makes it difficult to tip adequately. While there are many benefits to the cashless society, there are overlooked issues. Not receiving the occasional tip might not seem like a big deal to an outsider,…

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Nail Technician Photo

Complete Guide: How to earn more tips as a nail technician

Nail polish brush and buffer file in hand, it’s Saturday and you’re finding it to juggle several customers in the busy nail salon. However, you know that upkeeping both a high quality of work and a relaxing environment for the client is what being a nail technician is all about. After all, your effort is…

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