We're in this together.

Many on the frontline of the service industry (and beyond) have seen their income drop to $0, almost overnight, due to COVID-19. Everyone is affected in ways that we could not have anticipated, even a few months ago. And while we honor shelter-in-place measures, requested on good authority by those we trust, our local businesses, baristas, valet attendants, uber/lyft/taxi drivers, waiters/servers, nail techs, hair stylists, and gig workers suffer and worry about paying their bills, maintaining their healthcare coverage, and providing for their families.

It has been moving to see communities pull together, and we hope to be of service to all, as one additional tool to help facilitate kindness and generosity.

At eTip, we are committed to supporting those in the service industry through these harrowing times. Today, we are excited to put our money where our mouth is and announce a bold initiative to support those in the service industry by helping them collect contributions and tips during a near-zero income environment. We commit that 100% of tips will go directly to workers. Further, we are waiving all fees related to our service.*

  • If you are an individual and have been affected by the corona virus, we encourage you to set up a “virtual tip jar” by signing up on etip.io/for-employees. We commit that 100% of tips will go directly to you. You can share your QR code with your customers, clients, friends and family to receive tips or contributions.
  • If you are a business owner affected by COVID-19, we encourage you to set a “virtual tip jar” at etip.io/for-merchants, to pool tips and contributions on behalf of your entire team. Or, encourage your staff to set up their own virtual tip jar at etip.io/for-employees. To get the word out across your client base, simply forward your unique barcode via email, newsletter, social channels, etc.
  • If you are in your house under lockdown but want to support your local businesses through these tough times (and see that coffee shop open back up once we can resume healthy daily life), visit VirtualTipJar.io. You will be matched with a random service worker whom you can support. You can also encourage your friends and family to help service workers through tips and contributions.

We thank you on behalf of every hard-working American for your generosity.

Be well and healthy,
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Nicolas Cassis
Founder & CEO
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In the interim

Tip or contribute to any of the causes below.

Just point your phone's camera at the QR code and tap the banner that appears and tip, or simply click on the QR code to leave a tip for any of the organisations listed.

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A Meal with Dignity QR Code

A Meal with Dignity

A Meal with Dignity brings groups of people together to hand-make lunches and hand-deliver those lunches to people in need in their communities.

ROC United QR Code

ROC United

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United is providing resources and financial assistance to restaurant workers impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

Restaurant Workers Fund QR Code

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation has set up an emergency relief fund for those facing economic hardships and health crises.

Cinema Workers Fund QR Code

Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund

The Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund has been set up for furloughed movie theater employees in New York City experiencing wage disruption as a result of all cinemas being shuttered on Monday.

CERF Plus QR Code


CERF+ is providing emergency relief grants for artists who have tested positive for coronavirus and require intensive medical care.

One Fair Wage QR Code

One Fair Wage

One Fair Wage has a support fund for tipped and service workers.

Feed The Line QR Code

Feed The Line

Feed The Line uses donated money to pay for meals from local San Francisco restaurants, which are then delivered to healthcare workers on the front lines.


AGMA Relief Fund

The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) Relief Fund provides support and temporary financial assistance to members who are in need.

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