FAQs for Merchants
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How can eTip help my business?

By implementing eTip, you can motivate your employees through easily allowing customers to tip. In addition, you can monitor your employees performance through the ratings and reviews that the customers provide.

How can I access the tips, ratings and reviews my employee is receiving?

You can sign up for eTip core, which will allow you to see all the tips, ratings and reviews the customers are giving to your employees. You can use this information to train low performing employees and identify top performers for promotion.

How much will eTip cost my business?

We have three pricing plans, to view the pricing plans, visit the Merchants page. With eTip, you'll have access to your employees’ ratings, reviews and tip amounts.

Do I need to report taxes on tips received by my employees?

No. All employees receive a 1099-MISC at the end of the financial year, which they can use to file their taxes.

How can I contact the eTip team?

You can visit our Contact Us page or drop us a line at contact@etip.io.

I don’t want my employees to use eTip. What can I do?

Please fill your details here and we will reach out to you directly.

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