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eTip integrates seamlessly
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How eTip works together
with your business

Whether your employees work directly with customers, or behind the scenes, eTip is the perfect tipping solution for your business. eTip allows cashless mobile tipping for your employees, be it housekeepers, valets, nail technicians; the list goes on. 

eTip is your cashless tipping solution, get tipped in a snap!

eTip - Customer handing her car keys to a valet

Five step setup

It's simple, follow our five step setup and get started today!

eTip - Merchant setting eTip for their business

No more tip jars.

A smart, versatile set of tools that allow you to capture your tips in the moment.

Your unique QR code

When you sign up to eTip, we'll provide you with all the tools you need to get tipped.

Your QR code is always with you, so you can always get tipped on the go. Be it behind a counter or working the floor at an event.

Unique QR code on a standing poster

At the counter

Place your unique QR code at any counter to make it easy for customers to scan and tip - remove the hassle of cash tipping.

Event posted with your unique QR code


Posters, brochures, leaflets and more - use your QR code in printed materials to give customers more opportunities to tip.

eTip QR code placed on a website

On the internet

Tipping shouldn't be limited to face-to-face interactions. Post your QR code on your website or social media, and get rewarded for the work you've put in.

Lanyard with your unique QR code on it

Events and in public

Working an event? The tips don't have to stop. Add your QR code to a lanyard and let the tips keep coming in.

POS system integrations

Integrate eTip seamlessly with your point-of-sale systems. Quickly, conveniently and safely.

  • Real-time notifications available
  • Add unique QR codes to POS devices & invoices
  • Quick & easy integration
  • Receive real-time customer feedback & employee ratings
eTip - Tipping app with POS integration
eTip - Tips with payment referencing availability

Payment Referencing

Track payments made by customers. With referencing, customers input information surrounding a payment, so you can easily identify the payments received.

  • Search via unique QR code to determine what converts most
  • Reconcile payments with easy identification

Employee performance tracking

eTip provides you with all the feedback about your employees you could want.

  • Manage employees & filter by their review score
  • Receive daily feedback reports via email
  • Download the data as a CSV
eTip - Merchant viewing their employee reviews

So, how much does it cost?

We've got flexible pricing for businesses of all shapes & sizes,

eTip Starter

Single location businesses


/mo billed annually

For starter businesses with a single location and up to 50 employees, eTip is here to grow with you.

eTip Growth

Up to 5 business locations


/mo billed annually

For growing businesses with up to 5 locations and up to 150 employees powering your workforce.

eTip Enterprise

Custom location amounts

Custom Pricing

For businesses with multiple locations and over 100 employees, contact the team for custom enterprise pricing.

Included with every plan

eTip - Free tipping starter kit for merchants

Your free starter kit

Everything you need to get started, packaged in your free starter kit.

eTip - Unlimited merchant dashboard access

Unlimited Merchant Dashboard access

Manage your business information and access transaction reports through eTip's Merchant Dashboard.


How can eTip help my business?

By implementing eTip, you can motivate your employees through easily allowing customers to tip. In addition, you can monitor your employees performance through the ratings and reviews that the customers provide.

How can I access the tips, ratings and reviews my employee is receiving?

You can sign up for eTip core, which will allow you to see all the tips, ratings and reviews the customers are giving to your employees. You can use this information to train low performing employees and identify top performers for promotion.

How much will eTip cost my business?

We have three pricing plans, to view the pricing plans, visit the Merchants page. With eTip, you'll have access to your employees’ ratings, reviews and tip amounts.

Do I need to report taxes on tips received by my employees?

No. All employees receive a 1099-MISC at the end of the financial year, which they can use to file their taxes.

How can I contact the eTip team?

You can visit our Contact Us page or drop us a line at

I don’t want my employees to use eTip. What can I do?

Please fill your details here and we will reach out to you directly.

Hand showing the eTip app on a phone

Cashless tipping for all business types

Support team member, ready for a call

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