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Receive more than a "thank you" for your hard work

Your customers are carrying less cash than ever before, so we've made it seamless for them to say thank you with a tip. eTip has partnered with some of America’s largest businesses to show your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

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Earn more, ASAP

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No more tip jars.

A smart, versatile set of tools that allow you to capture your tips in the moment.

Your unique QR code

When you sign up to eTip, we'll provide you with all the tools you need to get tipped.

Your QR code is always with you, so you can always get tipped on the go. Be it behind a counter or working the floor at an event.

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At the counter

Place your unique QR code at any counter to make it easy for customers to scan and tip - remove the hassle of cash tipping.

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Posters, brochures, leaflets and more - use your QR code in printed materials to give customers more opportunities to tip.

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On the internet

Tipping shouldn't be limited to face-to-face interactions. Post your QR code on your website or social media, and get rewarded for the work you've put in.

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Events and in public

Working an event? The tips don't have to stop. Add your QR code to a lanyard and let the tips keep coming in.

Manage your money

Your profile and dashboard gives you real-time access to all your eTips, transactions, and details.

  • Add your photo and a short bio to your profile
  • Monitor your received tips as they happen
  • Refer colleagues with your unique code & earn rewards
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What does eTip cost?

Just $10/month.

We only charge if you receive more than $20 of tips.


Where can I download the eTip app?

You can download the eTip app by searching for on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How can I change my Facebook login name?

You can change your login name by going to eTip settings page within the app.

How can I change my picture on eTip profile?

You can change your profile picture by going to settings page.

How can I deactivate my eTip account?

You can deactivate your eTip account choosing deactivation on the settings page. IN addition, you can deactivate by emailing at with your reason for deactivation.

How can I access proof of my transaction?

You can access proof of your transaction by going to tip history page within the app.

I don’t have a bank account. Can I still use eTip?

No, unfortunately you need a US based bank account in order to receive tips.

Is my personal information safe on the platform?

We protect your information through state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

What personal information can someone else access through the app?

A customer can only see your name and profile picture through the app.

Why am I asked about my SSN and DOB?

To prevent anybody else from accessing your account but you, your SSN and DOB must be provided to ensure your account safety and validity.

How long will it take for my account to get approved?

It usually takes minutes to start receiving tips. However, in some situations it can take longer - we might need to ask you for more information if necessary.

Will eTip withhold my taxes?

eTip will not withhold your taxes. We expect you to file your taxes appropriately with the concerning Federal and State tax department.

Do I need to report money received by eTip to IRS?

Yes, you do need to report the money received by eTip to the IRS for tax purposes.

How quickly will I receive money into my bank account?

We send the money immediately from the time you initiate the withdrawal, however depending on your bank it may take a few days.

How can I increase the tips I earn?

There are many ways to increase tips, from showing personal attention to your customer to delivering beyond expectations. Please refer to our blog for in depth guides.

How can I contact the eTip team?

You can visit our Contact Us page or drop us a line at

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Cashless tipping for all business types

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