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Reward the great people who provide you great services

eTip makes it possible to tip in the moment of someone going above-and-beyond.

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eTipping step by step

This guide is 100% simple. Just like our 100% cashless tipping solution.

eTip is free to use and tip.

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Find a QR code

Look out for a unique eTip QR code at the location you'd like to send a tip to.

Scanning a QR code to tip an employee

Scan the QR code

Open your phone's camera app, be it an iPhone or Android and point it at the QR code.

Scan to Tip iPhone11 - Website Homepage

Choose your tip

Pick the amount you'd like to tip, you can also add a rating.

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Hit the tip button

That's it! Your payment and review are made instantly. App-less tipping with eTip is simple!

No app necessary, just use your phone's camera


All versions of iPhone and iOS.

  • Open your iPhone Camera
  • Scan the QR code
  • Click the link provided link
  • Select tip amount and rating


For both new and old devices.

New Models

  • Open your Android Camera
  • Scan the QR code
  • Click the provided link
  • Select tip amount and rating

Old Models

  • Open your QR code scanner
  • Scan the QR code
  • Click the provided link
  • Select tip amount and rating

Or text to tip

Text ETIP to (704) 703-3687.

  • Text ETIP to (704) 703-3687
  • Open the received link
  • Select tip amount and rating
Customer tipping employees from an app

One tap tipping

Give the option to tip any amount with just one touch, and no cash. Suggested amounts are pre-loaded and tip tracking is available.

  • Don't worry about handling coins and notes
  • Predefined tipping amounts for encouraged tipping
  • Monitor your tips on any given day, week, month or year
  • Leave feedback reviews to promote great service
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Pay it forward

Collect rewards when you tip with eTip. Gain access to exclusive rewards and discounts.*

  • Money off restaurants

  • Earn points when you tip

  • Online discount codes

  • Trade points for gift cards

  • Exclusive credit card offers

  • Use point to tip others

*Feature coming soon

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